Ready floury compositions "Vitel"

After detailed study of centuries-old experience for making home-made pastries, specialists developed unique technology, allowed to cook taste and useful dishes fast and without any troubles. Ready floury compositions TM "Vitel" are made of natural, high-quality components, keeping its nutritional properties and quality of home-made pastries. In the hands of caring housewife "Vitel" will fill the house with magic aroma in a few minutes and will gather everybody at the table.  


  • Semolina cake        
  • Muffins with pears     
  • Muffins "Zebra"
  • Cookies "Fantasy" 
  • Cookies with cinnamon                         
  • French roll
  • Chocolate cake with plums
  • Easter cake 
  • Coconut pie 
  • Home recipe shortcake 
  • Pizza 
  • Chocolate cake
  • Muffins with raisins
  • Vanilla muffins 
  • Thick pancakes with plums
  • Thick pancakes with apples
  • Home recipe thick pancakes
  • Russian pancakes

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