Ready floury compositions "Petrovskie Nivy"

Brand "Petrovskie Nivy" presents the line of ready compositions, which is composed of 12 descriptions for making pancakes, cakes and thick pancakes. Compositions TM "Petrovskie Nivy" are ready beloved by many housewives, who wants to give some treat to everybody at home, but has no time. Ready  floury compositions are necessary to dilute with water or milk. It is possible to bake different confectionaries from derived dough. It's save much time and money. Not without reason the motto of LLC "Petrovskie Nivy" is "Easy and tasty". 


  • Thick pancakes with plums
  • Russians pancakes
  • Thick pancakes with pears
  • Thick pancakes with pineapples
  • Thick pancakes with prunes 
  • Thick pancakes with apples
  • Thick pancakes with peaches
  • Chocolate cake
  • Walnute cake
  • Vanilla muffins
  • Muffins with raisins
  • Home recipe thick pancakes

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