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For the 20 year  of the history  " Petrovskie Nivy"Ltd  it prove itself  as a brand-name of a high-quality and natural groceries.  " Petrovskie Nivy" Ltd produces and sells wholesale food products under the trademarks: " Petrovskie Nivy", "PastaPrio", "Vitel". The core businesses of company- sells wholesale flour, sells wholesale pasta.  Our products pass the appraisal and  quality  standards.  Because of this your family access benefit, good filling and mood.  

 " Petrovskie Nivy" production are well known to consumers and trade organizations. A wide assortment of  high quality products delivery in many regions of Russia and neighboring and foreign  countries.  The company exports the flour and pasta  wholesale and all so the other production.

The close control at all stages of production allow as to keep high quality of products. The product  constantly update with changes in customers  preferences.   

Our core benefits:

  • For the production we operate only with natural ingredients
  • Our products is very tasty
  • We have a modern approach in the design and chose a material in packing
  • Our company reputedly became the winner of the international exhibitions and contests
  •  Cooperating with our company you can buy a flour, pasta by manufacturer's price

At presents day " Petrovckie Nivy" Ltd  production capacity represented next production workshops:  

                              Flour manufacture 

It includes workshops, which are equipping high-efficiency  equipment of Turkish company " Unormak" total capacity of 600 tons per day.  

The flour in "Petrovskie Nivy" Ltd  has a spatial place: the company history began with this production and in that time, imported progress has been made in a segment. Currently, several products names  presents in the assortment: first grade and high-grade wheat flour sells wholesale, "Extra" and general purpose flour.     


Manufactures of bakery, baked confectionery and pasta products thoroughly approach to the choice of the flour. We have been in a long association with many such companies and invite to continued cooperation with new partners, who needs wheat flour 

Pasta manufacture

 It is pride of company. There three operating equipment  of the leading companies in the production of short cut and long-cut pasta: Buhler, Anselmo, Fava. Total capacity of 120 tonnes per day. High-technology equipment provides automation of all the processes, saves energy costs and man-hour costs, transition to  waste-free production and production high-quality products. Because of this happens regular wholesales of flour and pasta

Manufacture of the ready-to-use flour mixes 

Production of ready-to-use flour mixtures  by using the "Astro"(Czech Republic)   company equipment, allows to produce a products with good taste characteristics.  The ready-to-use flour mixtures  are made for baking pancakes, pies, cakes etc. Total capacity-48 tonnes per day.   

Cereal production

Today " Petrovskie Nivy" Ltd produces a wide assortment  of cereal to meet the demand of the customers.   

The manufactory is equipped with high-performance complex equipment with a total capacity  40 tonnes per day.  

History of the company - is not just the constant growth of production capacities but also competent, professional work of all experts that aims for profitable and convenient cooperation with the company. 

Business partners and consumers have repeatedly noted a high quality of all products, excellent taste characteristics, convenient packaging format.
The company's products are included in the prestigious and symbolic registry of "100 best goods of Russia", its high quality is awarded with medals of international exhibitions «WorldFood» and "Prodexpo". "Quality Mark" of the federal program "Russian quality", medals of the All-Russian review of the quality of flour and other award-winning professional contests of different formats.

Partnership with the group of companies "Petrovskie Nivy" - a solid foundation of a progressive development and profitability of your business.

We are open for mutually advantageous cooperation and we are confident that we will be for you safe busses partner. 



History of company

  • 1999 year

    The history of the company began in 1999 with the acquisition of one of the buildings of the former factory "Svet" ("light"), a total area of 2164.1 square meters, and installation of the mill equipment.

  • 2000 year

    Mini cereal workshop with the capacity of 15 tons per day was put into operation for the production of cereals

  • 2001 year

    The overall productivity of the mill production increased to 900 tonnes per month by launching yet another mill with the capacity of 15 tonn per day

  • 2002 year

    A growing production of cereals (millet, peas, etc.) in connection with the commissioning of an additional workshop with the capacity of 20 tons per day

  • 2003 year

    the company started to grow rapidly led by scientists of the Kuban State Technological University, Department of grain, who developed the technology and performed the design work, carried out a gradual complete reconstruction of flour production, which was conducted in three stages: Stage 1 - design, installation and adjustment of new equipment «UNORMAK» (Turkey) for the production of flour with the capacity of 60 tons per day (put into operation in late 2004). Overall performance has reached 90 tons per day Stage 2 - (late 2004 - early 2005) - installation of additional grinding section of 70 tons per day, bring the overall productivity of the mill workshop № 2 to 130 tons per day) Stage 3 (2005 - 2007) - design and reconstruction of the mill workshop № 1 with two mini-mills for 15 tons per day each for the latest equipment «UNORMAK» with the capacity of 200 tons per day

  • 2008 year

    The opening of a modern noodle lines «BUHLER» (Switzerland) on the basis of "Petrovskie Nivy" for the production of short cutted pasta of 10 most popular formats, output of 1500 kg per hour.

  • 2009 year

    with the launch of the second pasta line «ANSELMO» (Italy) with the capacity of 2,000 kg per hour the opportunity to expand the range of short cutted pasta has opened up by introducing new forms and meet the increasingly growing demand for pasta "Petrovskie Nivy" TM.

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